Different Components of a Customer Journey Map

Below are four components that make a customer journey map .

1. Customer Stages

To create an ideal customer journey map , you need to identify different stages of their journey. Within the steps are four elements: installation, comparison, inquiry, and purchase. Sometimes, a fifth stage is also considered, which is called loyalty or advocacy.

2. Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are an essential tool as it represents a market segment. This tool can help to predict the customer’s feelings and behaviors accurately.

3. Customer Touch Points

For a good customer journey map , companies must include the customer touchpoint at each stage in the journey. For example, one touchpoint is when the customer uses chatbots or phone calls to communicate with the brand at the installation stage.

4. Emotions

The goal of creating a customer journey map is to predict the customer’s feelings and emotions. This way, companies can quickly pinpoint potential pain points and success.

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