How To Create A Customer Journey Map

You can create a better customer journey map by following the below-mentioned steps.

1. Create Buyer Personas

Before creating your customer's journey, you must first identify a clear objective. You can define customers' goals and provide a deeper understanding through buyer personas.

By having deeper details, you can create much more realistic personas. For this, you must do proper market research by using Google Analytics and similar tools.

For creating buyer personas, you need to outline demographics like education, income, gender, industry, occupation, and geography. After that, you require some psychographic data from the customer.

Collecting physiographic data is difficult, but it can help you understand your customer's wants, needs, and preferences. In simple words, physiography helps you understand the why behind your customer's behavior, and demographics tell who your customers are.

2. Prioritize your personas

With personas developed, the team should prioritize personas. It is tempting to try and map all personas at once but a focused approach will ensure a more customized journey map and create focus on the opportunities that impact your most important customers.

3. List Customer Touchpoint

A touchpoint is any point of interaction between your brand and the targeted customer. You need to list all the touchpoints from the website, social media platforms, email marketing, paid advertisements, and third-party reviews to the mentions. You can further research which of these touchpoints offer higher engagement. Don’t forget to include the “bookend” touchpoints that occur before a prospect is a customer or after they leave.

4. Identify Customer Action

After identifying customer touchpoints, your next step is identifying the customer's actions and emotions. You can divide the individual actions to improve your micro-engagement and move them forward easily.

You must note the required number of steps the customer takes to reach the end of their journey. Ensure that you reduce or streamline the number so customers can easily reach their goals. Thus, you must look for obstacles and remove them. You can troubleshoot the area in a better way by understanding your customers.

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